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Mordy Personal Training has a number of resources at our disposal to facilitate a diverse, fun and functional training environment.

Our trainers and highly educated and experienced with all of the equipment and training tools used by Mordy Personal Training. Such resources ensure the customisation of programs are designed to facilitate every fitness level and goal.

Our vast range of equipment will provide variation and have you walking out feeling physically and mentally challenged!


Mordy Personal Training is located in the heart of Mordialloc village. In walking distance from all shopping outlets and local schools Mordy Personal Training is the convenient place to train towards your health and fitness goals.


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Cardio Equipment

Cardio Equipment

Mordy Personal training is equipped with the latest and best in cardio Equipment. Including concept 2 rowing machine, Impulse treadmill and bike and spin bike. Our equipment is safe and reliable and will get you well on the way to burning energy to meet you fitness and weight lose goals.

Kettle Bells

Kettel Bells

Mordy Personal Training incorporates Kettel bells into many of our training programs.

Kettel bells are fabulous functional training tool great for building muscular strength and endurance. There are many basic movements which mimic everyday activities and engages the entire body at once. Another great aspect of kettle bell training is the metabolic effect you get during and after a kettle bell workout.

TRX Suspension Trainer

TRX Suspension Trainer

Mordy Personal Training believes the TRX is the best functional training tools in the fitness industry. TRX is designed to train movement, not muscle. Suspension Training uses body weight exercises to build all body strength, flexibility and core, all at the same time.

Boxing Equipment

Boxing Equipment

Mordy Personal training will incorporate boxing training into you training program. This will improve your fitness levels, coordination, reflexes and self confidence.

Resistance Equipment

Resistance Equipment

Resistance or weight training is based upon the body overcoming the force of a weight or object. When performed properly the health benefits of progressive resistance training include improving muscular strength, endurance and tone as well as increasing bone density and strength.

Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes

Originally developed for combat sports like football and mixed martial arts battle ropes are a great training tool to help supplement Mordy Personal Trainings strength and condition training.

Battle rope training will increase your strength, power and endurance and will give you a metabolic workout like no other.


If you are time poor, or needing a kick start to your fitness goals you won’t regret visiting Mordy PT.

I look forward to my training sessions each week at Mordy PT, where I receive a challenging tailored training program one on one with my Trainer, which addresses the areas of my fitness I want to work on, in a supportive and fun environment.


If you want to improve your health, wellbeing and fitness in a friendly non-threatening environment and get tangible results – you have to meet Shannon and his staff at Mordy Personal Training.

I can’t thank Shannon enough for assisting me in achieving my goals, and I not only feel confident and good about myself, but my family and friends have noticed a huge transformation in my overall wellbeing.


I have been training at Mordy PT since it opened. Shannon and his staff are always challenging me with new approaches to exercise.

I never find it boring or repetitive. For me one on one training works. I feel I get maximum benefit.The gym is well equipped, ideally located and everyone is friendly (both staff and clients).