If you like to train indoors with a full range of exercise equipment & diverse training tools, Mordy Personal Training is a great place to train.

Our studio has all the luxuries and conveniances of an indoor training facility without all the imitating distractions of the big gyms.

Our friendly qualified staff are ready to inspire, challenge and educate you towards living a healthy lifestyle.

We will make sure you get the most out of every training session, and provide you with the necessary support needed to keep you on track during those difficult times.

Mordy PT

Personal Training

Our conveniently located studio is targeted at 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 personal training sessions to keep your training experience comfortable and personalised. We also offer small groups of up to 4. Sessions are also is strictly by appointment only.

Our Personal Training sessions are predominately conducted within our intimate, clean and modern training studio, as well as utilising the wonderful local beaches and parks for outdoor Personal Training and Group sessions

Mordy PT

Boot Camps & Group Training

We understand that some of our clients like the fresh air, getting their hands dirty and training with other people, consequently we provide a group personal training packages.

The goal of such sessions are to make the process of getting into shape cost effective, productive and an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Mordy PT

Pre & Post Natal Training

Having successfully guided over 20 female clients through prenatal training and post natal rebuilding Mordy Personal Training can help you through the challenges of pregnancy. In addition, being parents themselves, Shannon and Kate can also assist you through the lifestyle changes you will encounter with your new family. Mordy Personal Training is a kid friendly environment.

Mordy PT

Health & Fitness Analysis Mordy

Personal Training's Health And Fitness Analysis involves a series of measurements that help determine the health status and physical fitness of an individual.

The analysis is designed to screen clients historical and current health issues and injuries as well as giving us an insight into one's body composition, strength and fitness levels. This information will allow us to design personalised training programs.

Mordy PT

Nutritional Advice & Guidance

Mordy Personal Trainers and our fully qualified nutritionist will provide you with nutritional education, dietary advice and individually tailored lifestyle solutions to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Our staff remain at the forefront of food and nutritional issues, ensuring we provide you with practical and effective nutritional solutions. "You can not out train a bad diet"!!.

Corporate Personal Training

Mordy Personal Training can offer local business with corporate fitness training. That is we can come to you to help motivate, educate and train your employees leaving them happier, healthier and working more productively.

Kids PT

Mordy Personal Training Kids PT is based around ‘ Happy Healthy Fun’ Kids PT focuses on body weight exercises that improve co-ordination, mobility, functionality, fitness and most importantly self belief and confidence. Mordy Kids PT is designed for kids between the ages of 10 to 17.

Mordy Fit

MORDY FIT is designed for the most advanced and motivated client. MORDY FIT essential combines many the key components of fitness (cardio, strength, power, agility, balance) as well as many extreme fitness tools (TRX, Olympic Bars, Kettle Bells, Combat ropes) into one of the most intense workouts you will ever experience

Core Strength & Flexibility

Mordy Personal Training firmly believes that flexibility and core strength are essential components of fitness. Using Pilates techniques and various training tools, flexibility and core strength training is based around improving your posture and performance through strengthening, balancing and mobilising your entire body.

Strength & Conditioning

Mordy Personal Training is focused on developing safe and effective strength and condition programs for all demographics and levels of fitness, from the most experienced athlete to the beginner. With Shannon’s background as a Professional Sprinter and many years of personal training and education has developed into a strength and conditioning specialist.

Goal Setting & Monitoring

Based upon your motivation for training and the analysis of the data acquired through the Heath & Fitness screening process our personal trainers will sit down with you and set a range of short targets and long term goals.

Outdoor Running Sessions

Mordy personal Training offers running sessions every Sunday at 9am sharp. A gold coin donation for participation goes to the Royal Childrens Hospital Good Friday Appeal. The running sessions incorporate many different training techniques such as interval training, hill training and tempo work. Training sessions do incorporate many of the local running tacks so please call to organise starting point. Anyone is welcome to join us for a Sunday run!

Moutain & Road Bike Sessions

Mordy personal Training offers road and mountain bike riding sessions. A gold coin donation for participation goes to the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. The bike sessions incorporate many different training techniques such as interval training, hill training and tempo work. Road Bike sessions are conducted on beach road due to our convenient location and Mountain Bike sessions at Lysterfield Park. Please call to find out dates and venues.


Mordy Personal Training has vast experience in helping people recover from sporting injuries and all types of accidents. In conjunction with local health professionals Mordy Personal Training can help monitor your safe and and speedy return to healthy and functional lifestyle.

Price List

½ hour session 
½ hour session (two people)
1 hour session
1 hour session (two people)

10 x ½ hour sessions
10 x ½ hour sessions (2 people)
10 x 1 hour sessions
10 x 1 hour sessions (two people)


$48 ($24 per person)
$72 ($36 per person)

$330 ($33 per session)
$220 per person ($22 per session)
$550 ($55 per session)
$330 per person ($33 per session)


Prices for group sessions of 3 or more available upon request

(passes available for pt clients only) 

1 x studio pass $10
12 x studio passes $100

All prices include 10% GST All payments for casual sessions and packages are expected in full on the day of training


If you are time poor, or needing a kick start to your fitness goals you won’t regret visiting Mordy PT.

I look forward to my training sessions each week at Mordy PT, where I receive a challenging tailored training program one on one with my Trainer, which addresses the areas of my fitness I want to work on, in a supportive and fun environment.


If you want to improve your health, wellbeing and fitness in a friendly non-threatening environment and get tangible results – you have to meet Shannon and his staff at Mordy Personal Training.

I can’t thank Shannon enough for assisting me in achieving my goals, and I not only feel confident and good about myself, but my family and friends have noticed a huge transformation in my overall wellbeing.


I have been training at Mordy PT since it opened. Shannon and his staff are always challenging me with new approaches to exercise.

I never find it boring or repetitive. For me one on one training works. I feel I get maximum benefit.The gym is well equipped, ideally located and everyone is friendly (both staff and clients).